June 2010


Pariaman located on north coast city of Padang, West Sumatera – Indonesia. It is situated on the edge of the Indian Ocean, because that Pariaman has a amazing maritime tourism potential. Some of them is Arta and Kata beach, both these places are popular beach resorts for beach holiday. Arta Beach located about 23 km from the center of Pariaman, and Kata beach is about 2 km south of Pariaman.

Both these places known for its beautiful pine trees along the sea shore. The pine trees can protect you from the direct sun rays and gives coolness to visitors. The sandy beaches, clean water and bright sunshine are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The process of setting of the sun (sunset) is a must-see sights travelers here, both these places known for its very dramatic sunset because there are small islands in front of the beach. These place is highly recommended for someone who want to capture photographic sunse.

Spending time waiting for the sunset at the beach will be more impressive while enjoying a meal with rice (“nasi sek”) and Piaman seafood, such as “sala lauak”, “rakik udang”, “rakik lauak”. Various other traditional food is “gulai kepala ikan”, “ikan bakar”, complete with “sambalado”.

Bungus beach is beautiful natural scenery, the shape resembles a crescent beach.  Bungus beach dominated by the Impressive hills which tower above the pleasant ricefield the crescent shaped bay is unspoilt. The beaches with white sand that is suitable and perfect place for a variety of recreation such as to relax, sunbathing, swimming or hire canoes, surfboats and snorkeling equipment and boats to the islands nearbay. The islands just 5- 15 miles to south of the beach. Two of them, Sikuai and Cubadak islands are developed as tourist resort. A short journey (4 KM) from losmen carlos Bungus beach is beautiful 3 pool waterfall set in A Tropical rainforst.

Getting There
Bungus beach located in a quiet bay Bungus, 20 kilometers south of Padang, West Sumatera. Just 45 minutes to 1 hour from Padang city by Opelet (minibus). Pick a blue Opelet in town for 5000 Rp started from 5.30 AM until 8.00 PM, Oplets or buses are available at oplet terminal. JI. M. Yamin in Padang. There is sign Bungus Teluk Kabung at the oplet shelter. Also, you can rent a manual motorbike in Carlos or Tintin for 50,000 or 60,000 Rp, depending on your bargaining skills. If you need more convenient way, takes a taxi.

To Do
Beach umbrellas and chairs available for sunbathing. Warm seawater and is safe for swimming. From here, you can explore nearest ocean to the coast of Padang such as Sikuai and Cubadak islands. To get there, you can rent a boat or a sailboat in the Bungus citizens. From Bungus beach to the islands takes ± 75 minutes. If you do not want to wasteful of energy, enough to relax on the beach while enjoying the sunset at this amazing bay. Sitting under the shade of coconut trees surrounding the beach is also exciting, it was a beautiful palm beach. Or eat seafood and other dishes at the restaurants that dotted the shore. There is one activity that is often did the travelers of Bungus beach, which is fishing. There was silence waves will provide for your own pleasure. About the inn, there are resort around the beaches that you can use to relax after a day of sightseeing.

The beach is available tourist facilities such as beach umbrellas and chairs for sunbathing. There are many homestays along the beach with reasonable price and restaurants as well, here’s some of them :

1. Losmen Carlos (
Telp. +6281363973411,
3 beach cottages, with a nice view of the evening sunset.
There are basic rooms for Rp.100,000. With bathroom outside,
There are 2 rooms at Rp.75,000.
Pickup from Padang Rp. 120,000.
On the evening, if there are enough tourists, Carlos will pay a guitarist to play around a beach fire.
You can book an island day-trip for Rp.200,000 per person including lunch on the island.

2. Losmen Tintin.
Not far from Carlos, similar family guesthouse next to the beach.
Very basic rooms from Rp.50,000

Indonesia has 2 (two) railway museums, one of them located at Sawahlunto, West Sumatra. There are approximately 80 collections of railway equipment at this museum such as clock, signal / communications equipment, photos documentation, safety box, jack rail, plant labels, scales and guards bell in the museum. In addition, in the museum yard are several kettle carriages, coal carrying compartments, some touring lorries and two wood-paneled carriages.

Sawahlunto operates 2 (two) touring trains. First, it is the train on the touring route Padangpanjang – Sawahlunto (80 km) withdrawn by diesel locomotives and equipped with BB204 rack gears equipped with executive and business class compartments. The 3 hour travel doesn’t seem to be tiring when the train passes the famous Danau Singkarak (Lake Singkarak) which is famous for its beautiful scene. Here’s detail touring train route, schedules and ticket prices.

Padang Panjang (Singkarak Lake) – Solok – Sawahlunto every Sunday and public holiday.
Dep. Padang Panjang 07.30, arr. Sawahlunto 10.35.
Dep. Sawahlunto 14.30, arr. Padang Panjang 17.38
Stops: Batu Tabal, Solok and Muara Kalaban.

Ticket price:
Padang Panjang – Sawahlunto:
Executive class IDR 80,000.- / person, Economy class IDR 60,000.- / person

Solok – Sawahlunto:
Executive class IDR 50,000.- / person, Economy class IDR 30,000.- / person

Muara Kalaban – Sawahlunto
Economy class IDR 20,000.- / person

Group charter (Mon – Sat) IDR 15,000,000.- (2 coaches [50 seats], snacks, drinks, lunch,     and run passes). Extra coach IDR 10,000,000.- per coach.

The second is the tourist train on the route Sawahlunto – Muara Kalaban (7 km) drawn by a steam locomotive, E1060, that carries wood-paneled cars. The E1060 steam locomotive manufactured by Esslingen (Germany) in 1966 which is also nicknamed ‘Mak Itam’ contributes to the uprising of Sawahlunto and introduces the town as one of the historical tourist destinations. (Name) ‘Mak Itam’ according to the black locomotive. What brings the incredible sensation and nostalgia is when the train enters the Kalam tunnel accompanied by the smoke and the shrill sound of the steam locomotive. It will be a great ride in beautiful countryside to make a special journey. This steam locomotive jouney is very short (30 minute journey time is generous in the extreme) but through a tunnel and features quite a stiff climb – note that this is a rack locomotive but this is not a rack section. Here’s detail touring train route, schedules and ticket prices.

Sawahlunto – Muara Kalaban v.v., every Sunday and public holiday 10.00 – 12.00.

Ticket price:
Group charter IDR 15,000,000.- (1 coach [35 seats], beverages, local delicacies, art    performance).

In the case there is no group chartering the train, it will run on a regular basis on Sundays and public holidays,
dep. Sawahlunto 11.00, arr. Muara Kalaban 11.30;
dep. Muara     Kalaban 11.50, arr. Sawahlunto 12.20.
dep. Sawahlunto 12.20, arr. Muara Kalaban 13.10;
dep. Muara Kalaban 13.30, arr. Sawahlunto 14.00.

Ticket price: IDR 50,000.- (Sawahlunto – Muara Kalaban v.v.). The train will have two wooden coaches (105 seats).

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