August 2010


buffalo race

Pacu Jawi (Buffalos Racing) is one of the famous sport event and cultures from  Tanah Datar, West Sumatera- Indonesia. This event was held in the rice field and is usually carried out at harvest rice, in order to harvest more lively atmosphere and fun. The race was held three times a year before the planting season.

Race Rules
Two cows tied to a plow and then a jockey tugging cows tail. There are five to 10 pairs of cows in each race.

Photo: Ervan Nanggalo

duck race

Pacu itiak (duck race) is a Minangkabau tradition event starting from generation to generation since the year 1928. This is a unique sport (there is only one of the world’s) which is held by the Payakumbuh people.

The uniqueness of this race was at place of the race was not carried out in rivers or pool but in the air. Race participating is duck between the ages of 4-6 months old. The race categories is base on the distance such as 800 m, 1600 m and 2000 m. The winner is the duck that can fly above the path that is determined by the achievement of an early finish.

Photo: Rudi Gusteno

Embun Pagi located at ± 1000 m altitude above sea level. Here we can enjoy the most spectacular scenery, while looking at the glistening waters of the maninjau lake is buffeted by the evening sun which sets behind the hills. It’s really natural tourist paradise.

Getting There
Embun Pagi located at Agam, West Sumatera, Indonesia about 60 kilometers from the Padang city. When a car traveling at the speed of average spend only about 1.5 hours drive. If you travelling from Bukittinggi it’s spend only about 45 minutes (27 kilometers), not too far right? Embun pagi near from lake maninjau, spend only about 30 minutes, through kelok 44.

To Do
In this tourism object we can buy various handicrafts, and local souvenirs.

This tourist attraction is right in front of the Nuansa Maninjau Hotel, know as The hotel with love panoramic.

Anai Resort is a best golf course in the West Sumatera Indonesia, located 550 m above sea level, near from Lembah Anai.

The golf course designed by international golf course designer Thomas and Perretdes, with 18 holes, 73 parts, and 6270 Y distances.

There are many facilities in bungalows locations such as club house, locker, shower, natural swimming pool, restaurants make this place as a best destination resorts.