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Arta and Kata Beach Pariaman

Pariaman located on north coast city of Padang, West Sumatera - Indonesia. It is situated on the edge of the Indian Ocean, because that...

Pacu Jawi

Pacu Jawi (Buffalos Racing) is one of the famous sport event and cultures fromĀ  Tanah Datar, West Sumatera- Indonesia. This event was held in...

The Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes are two lakes ("Danau Dibawah" & "Danau Diateh") which are adjacent to each other in areas that were located on the edge...

Top 25 Travel Destinations

Bungus Bungus 20 kms South of Padang sheltered by a bay, there are two good beaches : Carolina and Karang Tirta. Anai Resort and Golf Course Anai...

Weaving Arts

What is Weaving? Weaving affairs or weave is the process in making cloth by plaiting woof thread between lungsi thread by using a loom made...

Pacu Itiak

Pacu itiak (duck race) is a Minangkabau tradition event starting from generation to generation since the year 1928. This is a unique sport (there...

Puncak Lawang Paragliding

Located in Agam regency, at an altitude of 1210 m above sea level (dpl), Puncak Lawang is often used as a sports paragliding championship...

Anai Resort

Anai Resort is a best golf course in the West Sumatera Indonesia, located 550 m above sea level, near from Lembah Anai. The golf course...

Minangkabau Village

Minangkabau Village is the tourism destination most wanted in Padang Panjang, West Sumatra-Indonesia. That is the place for Information And Documentation Center about Minangkabau...

Taman Hutan Raya Bung Hatta

Taman Hutan Raya Bung Hatta is a heaven that promises a tropical landscape of the undulating and steep. This place is a natural reserve...
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