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Minangkabau Culture

Minangkabau Peoples The people of Minangkabau is the Malay who reside current West Sumatra Province with the capital city of Padang. Historical researches revealed that the first kingdom on the country was located around 60 kms away from Bukit Tinggi city, a place called Pagaruyung. Here was found stone inscription in old Malay language and […]



BUKITTINGGI Simpang Empat (Indonesian) Jl. Gurun Panjang Phone: (0752) 22661 Ria Sari (Indonesian) Ngarai Sianok Shopping Centre Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 1 Phone: (0752) 21503 Simpang Raya (Indonesia) Muka Jam Gadang Phone: (0752) 22585 Three Tables Jl. A.Yani No.58 Phone: (0752) 23306 Dymen’s Hotel & Restaurant (Indonesian European, Chinese, Japanese) Jl. Nawawi No. 1-3 Phone: […]