Blossom of Rafflesia Flowers

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Watching and seeing blossom of the world’s largest flower directly with your eyes should be an amazing experience. Rafflesia Arnoldi as the world’s largest flower usually blossoms during wet seasons i.e., from mid to end of year. This flower can only be found on Sumatera Island like Batang Palupuh Raflesia Park. That’s why it should be a good idea for visitors to first collect information about actual situation on the Rafflesia park. Visitor can contact the Office of Natural Resource Conservation at Khatib Sulaiman Street no 46A Padang, or contact the Natural Resource Conversation Unit of Agam district.

Visitor can found many Bunga Bangkai at Batang Palupuh Raflesia Park. There are contains of three types of Raflesia flowers : Raflesia Arnoldi, which can be 1,5 meters wide when blossoming, Raflesia Arizentis with a 15 cm diameter when blossoming, and Raflesia Oumor Pupolus Titanum.  Although it is more like a forest, this center is called a park because many Bunga Bangkai grow here. Outside this area, Raflesia flowers also grow in three to four areas.

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