Pensi and Palai Rinuak, Delicious Food Maninjau Lake

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Lake Maninjau, is a must have great place for tourism destinations. Not only offer a beautiful large carter scenery, watching the sunsets, and a great place to relax, this place also offer a deliciuos food knows as pensi and palai rinuak.

Pensi and palai rinuak are two endemic species from Maninjau lake. Pensi is a species of small mussel, and rinuak is a type of small fish.
Palai rinuak is a kind of food wrapped in banana leaf, to grill with the mixture of small fish (rinuak), coconut and spices as ingredients.

Getting There
Located in Agam regency, West Sumatera about 70km from the city of Padang and is a adequate 2 hours adventure by car at the speed of average.  If you travelling from Bukittinggi it’s spend only about 1 hours minutes (38 kilometers), not too far right?

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