Makam Syekh Burhanuddin ( Syekh Burhanuddin Cemetery )

photo: Zulfikri Sasma (fikriraja) At 17th century, Syekh of Burhanuddin known as spreader of religion in Minangkabau. He has a deep knowledge of Islam and as well as trusted to have the power of supranatural. He died on 10 Syafar. After He died, his cemetery still visited by pilgrim until now. The cemetery building distinguishes mosque … Read more

“Marosok”, A Unique Tradition in Cow Market

Marosok, is a unique tradition that can only found in cows market in Tanah Datar regencey, West Sumatera, Indonesia. This unique tradition used for bargaining between the sellers and buyers. Bargaining done in a unique way, using fingers like shaking hands which is covered by towel or sarong, without voice. When bargaining take place, the seller … Read more

Sikuai Island, A Peaceful Island with Natural Beauty

Photo : Fadly Amran ( Sikuai island, a beautiful island in West Sumatera Indonesia. A island that offer a natural beauty like the dream became true. Located in Mentawai arhipelago, around 23 km the south of Padang City, make this island should be a great destination. To reach this island, you will escorted by a speed … Read more

Blossom of Rafflesia Flowers

image by : Watching and seeing blossom of the world’s largest flower directly with your eyes should be an amazing experience. Rafflesia Arnoldi as the world’s largest flower usually blossoms during wet seasons i.e., from mid to end of year. This flower can only be found on Sumatera Island like Batang Palupuh Raflesia Park. That’s … Read more

Pacu Jawi

Pacu Jawi (Buffalos Racing) is one of the famous sport event and cultures from  Tanah Datar, West Sumatera- Indonesia. This event was held in the rice field and is usually carried out at harvest rice, in order to harvest more lively atmosphere and fun. The race was held three times a year before the planting … Read more

Embun Pagi

Embun Pagi located at ± 1000 m altitude above sea level. Here we can enjoy the most spectacular scenery, while looking at the glistening waters of the maninjau lake is buffeted by the evening sun which sets behind the hills. It’s really natural tourist paradise. Getting There Embun Pagi located at Agam, West Sumatera, Indonesia … Read more