Carocok Beach

Carocok Beach has a very clean sand and white, has a sloping beach to swim so they can for children and adults, the water was very clear.

Carock beach is dealing with the Kereta islands and Cingkuak island. From a distance also appears semangki island with beautiful scenery and the water is very clean. Topography of the city like cupcakes, the hills surrounding the city are green hills and the sea adjacent to its west lies the clear ocean booming.

Cingkuak island is an legendary island for Indonesia, since this island where the Dutch first landed on the island of Sumatra. We can find the Dutch fortress which still exists today.

Getting There
Carocok Beach located at Painan, Pesisir Selatan, West Sumatera, Indonesia about 75 kilometers from the Padang city. When a car traveling at the speed of average spend only about 2 hours drive, not too far right?


Carocok Beach have quite complex existing tourism facilities such as hotels, guesthouse, restaurants, cafes, boat rental, art shop, Mosque, gazebo, toilet and camping areas, floating bridge and floating stage.

Floating gazebo and the bridge is a facility that also add to the allure of Carocok beach. The bridge is made of wood foundations made of asphalt cement concrete. Extends from the edge of the beach Carocok sea bay, there are up to the Rock Island Railway. At each intersection bridge erected gazebo place to relax, enjoy the beach.

Likewise with the other supporting facilities, camping facilities, misuse of a corner in the bay beach Carocok into or going straight to the Cingkuak Island. Floating stage that can be used if there is art activities or Band Festival. Rent boat which can take us to tour the island or Pulau Batu Kareta Cingkuak.

To Do
Visitor can do various activity such as swimming, diving for surfing sports lovers to see the beauty of coral reefs.

In addition we can also do hiking, up the hill in Bukik Langkisau, from the top of this hill we can witness the most spectacular scenery, paragliding sport from the top langkisau have become a national agenda. Also, especially for young children who loved camping, can also be done here. Carocok Beach is usually also have a live music performance schedule.

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