Cubadak Island

Cubadak Island located in Mandeh territory, with area covered about 705 hectare, and known as Pulau Pinchnugan Talu/ Pincuran Orang Talu/ The Talu’s Douche. It is located in Koto XI Tarusan sub district, which is a west side of kampong Mandeh. It had a beautiful and exotic nature and sea view. The tourist named this island as “the paradise of the south”.

Getting There
Cubadak island is located in Indonesia, West Sumatra, Pesisir Selatan. Access to reach the Cubadak island is easy enough, considering its location is not far from Padang. From Padang or Minangkabau International Airport to Cubadak island takes about 2 hours to get to the location. Transportation to reach the location can be done through land routes, can use public transport or travel.

To Do
We can do some activities like diving, snorkeling and trip to Pagang island and Sironjong island. Cubadak island surrounded by coral reef, fascinating virgin equatorial forest inhabited by different kinds of monkey, wild pigs, deers, iguanas and numerous birds. In Cubadak island, sloping beach with soft white sands and beautiful shells to be found, also a clear blue water, it is good for  a beach picnic and snorkeling trip. It is a nice tourism destination to visit  on your next  summer holiday.

Getting Around
Cubadak island close to Carocok Harbour and Mandeh Area, it is about 1.5 km. We can enjoy Sunset here, Taking relax and Swimming, .

Cubadak island is a natural accomodation. Cubadak Island had a few bays and capes. On this island there is a resort, it had a cottage, made from a traditional material (rattan, woods and with thatch roof), with professional services. It is arrange by the international investor from Italy. The tourism facilities are available and completed with hangar, yachts, cottages, restaurant, sanitation, telecommunication facility, radio and park.

On the Cubdak island, there is absolutely no particular dressing code ! Yet if you plan to visit villages, cities or markets… it is recommended to avoid sleeveless tops or mini skirts for the ladies. Men should always be wearing a T-Shirt or similar.

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