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West Sumatera located on the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, directly opposite the world famous surf site, the Mentawai Archipelago. Due to its geographical location, West Sumatera have some of spots of traditional fishing and show you some of traditional technique of dealing with the local whoppers. Some of the most popular fishing locations are Padang, Pariaman and Mentawai island.

All over island in Padang fascinating coastal area know as one of the best-kept secret fishing spots in Indonesia for jigging, popping, open reefs, baited rigs, etc abound with fish of all types like giant trevally, big eye treavlly, threadfin treavally (sagai), grouper, red snapper, dogtooth tuna, barracuda, bonito, spannish mackerel (batang), sailfish, Amberjack, etc.

For those who like the challenge of fishing, please visit Padang as one of good spot fishing.

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  • Abdul Kareem says:

    Does anyone knows of boatmen who can take us fishing in the Mentawai islands areas?

    • ibtisam says:

      Dear Mr.Kareem, i suggest you contact a travel agency in Padang city such as Mentawai Surf travel, you can find more travel agency in here . Also you can use local fisherman and ask him for rent a fishing boat. Have a nice day in Mentawai island!!

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