Jembatan Akar and Your Mate

Jembatan Akar is a root bridge crossing over the river. It is a natural phenomenon where the roots of two kubang trees (Ficus sp) are plaited each other. Kubang tree is a clump of trees that grows around riverside. Starting from the eagerness of unifying two villages separated by a river, a Muslim scholar namely Pakih Sokan designed a root bridge crossing over the river. It spent approximately 26 years so that the root bridge was able to be used as the bridge in common. It was firstly designed in 1896 A.D. but, it could be used in 1916 A.D. This 30 meters long of root bridge is longer than two other root bridges in Japan and in West Java.

Getting There

Jembatan aka located 65-70 km to the south of Padang City or 15 km from Painan, Pesisir Selatan District. The journey will pass through Teluk Bayur, legendary harbor in West Sumatra. From Simpang Bayang, travel forward about 1 km more to find the location of the root bridge. In addition to using private vehicles, the location can be reached also by using the transport. Left-right way to treat the location of beautiful green fields and Batang Bayang river with roofs waving think along the edges.


You can spend more night around the location as there are many resorts or hotels in Painan. Furthermore. You can easily find restaurants offering Masakan Padang, local cuisines of Padang City. An impressive moment for you tasting Masakan Padang beneath the leafy trees around the bridge.

To Do

Communities around jembatan aka believes that, someone with full of confidence bath in the Batang Bayang river with the position of stem just below the bridge would be easy to find mate. Also the legend, those who bath in Batang Bayang river can stay young.

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