Loguang Cave

Loguang cave has 7 Km length with one entrance and has six windows. Entrance equipped with a safety ladder, while the window can be used as the exit. Because the beauty of the landscape rocks and stalagnit Stalactite inside the cave, this place being tourism destination which visited by tourists both domestic and foreign as from Europe.

Getting There
Loguang cave located at Nagari Air Angek, Sijunjung District, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Located about 20 Km from the capital center district, Muaro Sijunjung, or 110 km from the Padang City. To reach the location, you can use four-wheel vehicle and two wheels. Loguang cave located between two hot-water bath and reservation forest area, flowed by Tanggalo river. This cave used as an alternative suitable tourist area.

To Do
Natural tourism object which is about 110 km from Padang city, along the way, visitors can also enjoy a variety of different flora and fauna are quite unique and the only one in this area. Loguang cave has a steep rock which so beautifully that often made of rock climbing locations. Ornaments hanging, stalactites and spread free stalaknit with various shapes and dazzling colors.

This cave is still alive, because there is a small stream of cold water splashing out. More amazement, a small river in this dark cave is decorated with various kinds of fish and other domesticated animals. Fascinating cave scenery plus mysterious legend stories behinds, increase your curiosity and overawed that make you explore deeper and deeper into the cave.

Besides enjoying the scenery in the cave, in the middle of the cave you will find a vast flat expanse that can be a relaxing place for families.

This stretch is often used as a camping site for groups of young people. The cool air can still be enjoyed in this cave, because the wind came in from the window and the entraced. Various birds chirping can also be heard as the singing of the morning.

Visitors not only enjoy the beauty of cave but also can immerse themselves in the two hot water pool and can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bukik Kunik (turmeric mountain), which is a place for recreation with beautiful scenery and at its peak there is a clear water lake with golden color.

First pool is designed for public facilities, which shower rooms and dressing rooms are available. The other pool is located at foothills with primitif natural shower surrounds with shady trees, and far away from public crowded. Both pools have hot water level around 40-500 C with sulfur concentrate level ranged between 0,08-1,00 mg / I and effective for curing skin diseases, rheumatism, etc.

Besides hot spring, there’s two cool spring available too in this tourism area, first one located near to the one of the cave entrances (there’s 3 entrances into the cave) and the other one is just beside to the one of the hot spring pool. These cool spring pools have very cool, clear and fresh water, directly flows from the cave stream and Tanggalo river, all exhaustion after exploring the cave dissapears, only freshness body left.

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