Pulau Penyu

As same with the name, Pulau Penyu (turtle island) is an island of white sand that every day was visited by turtles to lay their eggs. There are so many turtle live on that island. For local citizen the turtle’s egg was their food, they called “talua katuang”.

Pulau Penyu is an island for turtle conservation. The local government make some movement to everlasting the turltes from faded. The island is also open for visitors who want to research, tourism and sightseeing.

Getting There
Pulau Penyu located at Painan city, Pesisir Selatan, West Sumatera, Indonesia about 75 kilometers from the Padang city. When a car traveling at the speed of average spend only about 2 hours drive, not too far right?

Pulau Penyu is about 20 Km from the beach of Painan city. To reach to this island we can use speed boat or fisherman boat, this journey spend about 1,5 hours.

To Do
Pulau Penyu is good for research tourism and sightseeing. If you want to watch turtles lay eggs, please come to this turtle island. Guaranteed to be satisfied!!

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