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Lubuak Minturun Adventure Park

Lubuak Minturun located in urban villages with ± 23:29 Km2 area, precisely in the Koto district Tangah, Padang city, West Sumatera, Indonesia. Lubuak Minturun offers beautiful and unique scenery. If you are nature-friendly, many types of birds that fly in the outdoors while occasional chirp. It surrounded by beautiful rice field, fresh air, actual acceptable […]


Mentawai Island: The Ultimate Diversity Of The Hidden Paradise

Located in the middle of Indian Ocean, 150 km and takes 9 hours trip from Padang, West Sumatra-Mentawai glowing with all the nature spirits and make it an extraordinary escaping spot from a hectic life. Mentawai is the natural habitat for 16 endemic species, and some of them categorized as endangered species e.g. Simakobu monkey […]