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If you never visit West Sumatera before, tourism maps is best choices alternative for you, you can visit West Sumatera happier and easier. This tourism maps can be your guide

Here is distance in KM from a city to another city in West Sumatera.

Padang 77 213 35 56 93 105 178 72
Painan 77 136 112 133 170 182 255 149
Tapan 213 136 248 269 306 318 391 285
Lubuk Alung 35 112 248 21 58 70 143 37
Pariaman 56 133 269 21 37 49 122 58
Tiku 93 170 306 58 37 12 85 95
Manggopoh 105 182 318 70 49 12 73 107
Simpang Ampek 178 255 391 143 122 85 73 180
Padang Panjang 72 149 285 37 58 95 107 180
Bukittinggi 91 168 304 56 77 114 126 199 19
Payakumbuh 124 201 337 89 110 147 156 232 52
Batusangkar 102 179 315 67 88 125 137 210 30
Solok 64 141 277 91 112 149 161 134 54
Sawahlunto 95 172 308 122 143 180 192 265 85
Sijunjung 127 204 340 154 175 212 224 297 117
Lubuk Sikaping 168 245 381 133 154 191 178 105 96
Air Bangis 347 424 560 312 333 370 147 74 275
Sitiung 233 310 446 260 281 318 330 403 223
Muara Labuh 134 211 347 161 182 219 231 304 124


Tour de Singkarak 2010 will be started on 1-6 June, 2010, with 20 countries participants.


Tour de Singkarak 2010 divided into seven stages race, the length of the route about 700 Km, and long to be 6-7 route. Here’s Tour de Singkarak 2010 route :

  1. Padang
  2. Padang-Padang Pariama
  3. Padang Pariaman-Maninjau
  4. Maninjau-Bukittinggi
  5. Padang Panjang-Bukittinggi
  6. Bukittingi -Sawahlunto
  7. Sawahlunto-Singkarak

Download here : Tour de Singkarak 2009 Route Maps


From Maninjau to Bukittinggi participants will also be challenged through the winding streets of the most famous beauty kelok 44. Start at the Padang, the participants will stay in Maninjau and Bukittinggi. They will race a sprint from Padang Panjang to Bukittinggi. Towards Sawahlunto participants will pass Tanah Datar region and finish in the Singkarak. This event will also be enlivened with a variety of attractions arts in a number of locations. Such as Maninjau and Tanah Datar.


The winners of Tour de Singkarak 2009 , Ghader Mizbani Iranagh of Iran praised the route of Tou de Singkarak 2009 as a beautiful route. The track is beautiful, up and down, a good way, but the road traffic is busy” He said. Likewise, Cameron Jennings of Team Budget Forklifts (BFL) said Australia was pleased to participate in the tour de singkarak “The people friendly, good service, beautiful landscape.,” He said.

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This is some of West Sumatera Tourism Events calendar:

1. Dances performed every Sunday and on public holidays Bukittinggi museum’s open stage  
2. The famous bullfights every Tuesday at 05.00 p.m Padang Lawas (6 Km south of Bukittinggi) the antics of local owners and bettors are as much fun as the fights themselves
3. Pacu Jawi (bullrace) Payakumbuh every July The uniqueness of its race, the joky bite its tail to make the bull runs faster
4. Selaju Sampan and Dragon boat race Muko-Muko, Lake Maninjau every September a traditional watersports
5. Wild Hog Hunting Solok every May on Sunday the farmers with well – trained dog

Bukittinggi is one of the loveliest, friendliest, most relaxed town in all Sumatra. This town is situated more or less 930 meters above sea level. Bukittinggi, formerly named Fort De Cock by the Dutch, has a cool climate and is surrounded by three volcanoes: Tandikat, Singgalang and Merapi. In the outskirts of the town is the Ngarai Sianok canyon, a canyon separating Bukittinggi from Kota Gadang, 12 km away overland. Kota Gadang is renowned for its fine silver filigree and hand embroidery.

A center of attraction is the town’s clock-tower, topped with a horn- shaped roof and referred to by the people as Jam Gadang. It overlooks the market square and the city’s magnificent surroundings. Also worth visiting is the Museum’s which is a Rumah Gadang, a traditional extended family house built in the 19th century. There are dance performances at the museum’s open stage every Sunday and on public holidays. Night dance performances are at Sliguri. It is also worth seeing the bullfights at Padang Lawas (6 km south of Bukittinggi) every Tuesday at 5.00 p.m.

From Jakarta International Airport to Minangkabau International Airport in Ketaping it will take about 2 hours, after you arrive you can use Taxi or Bus to Bukittinggi.

There are various Inns and Hotels in Bukittinggi, If you are looking for a star hotel, theres The Hills Hotel (Ex Novotel Coralia) Bukittinggi with a grand view of the beautiful Anai valley, while Lima’s Hotel, Hotel Asia and Hotel Denai are classified locally as a superior hotels.

  • Simpang Raya, Jl Muka Jam Gadang. This large, popular restaurant has good-quality Padang food plus a basic Indonesian menu with soup, rice or noodle dishes.
  • Under the Bridge Restaurant, Jl A Yani. This is a slightly up market travelers restaurant serving steaks, pasta, pizza, apple pie and chocolate cake.

Moving Around

You can move around the city by Taxi, Bus or rent a car. Theres also a horse carriage or sado provide a colorful charming transportation to move around through the town.

Other Things to See or Do

  • Watching one of the landmarks of the city, the Bukittinggi Big Ben or known as Jam Gadang. Also.
  • Make nice trips in the environment like to the Harau nature reserve, the Pagaruyung Minangkabau palace and Lake Singkarak.

As a tourist center, Bukittinggi boasts a multitude of craft, souvenir, jewelry, and antique shops. Many craft village lie within an hour ride from Bukittinggi.


  • Lively Pasar Atas (Upper Market), just south of the clock tower, is lined with stalls and shops selling everyday goods and souvenirs. Nearby, Sumatera,
  • Jl Minangkabau 19, has a huge range of textiles from Sumba and Irian Jaya and king sticks from North Sumatra.

Travel tips

  • Though the horse carriage is far more expensive than the ‘ojek’, it is very popular with the locals, especially since it can carry whole families.
  • The tourist office is at Jl Syech Bantam 1 (Mon-Thurs 8am-2pm, Fri 8-11am, Sat 8am-12.30pm; tel 0752/22403), near the clock tower.
  • Tours: Many places offer one-day local tours to traditional villages, the Pagaruyung palace and the Harau Canyon.

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