Photo : Fadly Amran (http://www.west-sumatra.com)

Sikuai island, a beautiful island in West Sumatera Indonesia. A island that offer a natural beauty like the dream became true. Located in Mentawai arhipelago, around 23 km the south of Padang City, make this island should be a great destination. To reach this island, you will escorted by a speed boat from Bungus Bay or Batang Harau street (a port).

Boat Schedule :
Check in Muara Port to Sikuai Island at 10.00 and 14.00
Check out Sikuai Island to Muara Port at 11.00 and 16.00

Sikuai island with 40 hectares area, offer an unforgeten journey. Many activities can do at this island.
You can walking along coast enjoying white sand beach, cycling, fishing, or just sighseeing and make a photograph of beautiful scenery.

Photo: Laura Octaviani (http://www.west-sumatra.com)
Prepare your schedule, make sure you don’t misses a beautiful sunset at the afternoon.  A beuatiful sunset scenery with a golden red color should be a great, romantic, and most waited moments.

Swimming, Banana boat, snorkeling, can be a choice to enjoying a beauties of the sea, to enjoying a clear of sea water, to feel beach life, to look a beautiful coral reefs, and fish.

A beautiful resort available at this island. The resort completely with many facilities.
The resort also offers many activities and holiday packages to make your journey valuable and unforgetable.