Arta and Kata Beach Pariaman

Pariaman located on north coast city of Padang, West Sumatera – Indonesia. It is situated on the edge of the Indian Ocean, because that Pariaman has a amazing maritime tourism potential. Some of them is Arta and Kata beach, both these places are popular beach resorts for beach holiday. Arta Beach located about 23 km from the center of Pariaman, and Kata beach is about 2 km south of Pariaman.

Both these places known for its beautiful pine trees along the sea shore. The pine trees can protect you from the direct sun rays and gives coolness to visitors. The sandy beaches, clean water and bright sunshine are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The process of setting of the sun (sunset) is a must-see sights travelers here, both these places known for its very dramatic sunset because there are small islands in front of the beach. These place is highly recommended for someone who want to capture photographic sunse.

Spending time waiting for the sunset at the beach will be more impressive while enjoying a meal with rice (“nasi sek”) and Piaman seafood, such as “sala lauak”, “rakik udang”, “rakik lauak”. Various other traditional food is “gulai kepala ikan”, “ikan bakar”, complete with “sambalado”.

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