Lubuk Minturun, Paradise Bathing Area

Lubuk minturun, is a trips to the natural bathing area, a natural choice vacation. Characteristics of the bathing place is the freshness crackle communicating with lori, transportation, train hanging residual Netherlands. No one it seems, the object of fasting is so choice. Robustness, that is the appropriate expression to describe the flow of water is clear and limpid. Left-right way to treat the location of beautiful flowers will accompany you, and When the scene is finished, cool bathing area has been waiting for you.

Getting There
The Lubuk Minturun are located about 15 kilometers north of Padang or 13 kilometers from Minangkabau International Airport. Visitor can reach to the object by car or motorcycle. If using public transport, you can take advantage of the city transportation department Tabing-Lubuk Minturun or by pass Lubeg toward the city limits and get off at the corner Lubuk Minturun. Then you can ride motorcycles in accordance with the fee you offer versatility. Left-right way to treat the location of beautiful flowers will accompany you.


While enjoying the crackle of water you will see thousands of ‘ban’ fish as adult index finger. In the vicinity of bathing, for those who wish to camping, the area is also available for camping and hiking of course.

Photos : Department Of Culture And Tourism, Padang, West Sumatera

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