Ngalau Indah Cave

Ngalau Indah was a name of a cave in the slope of hills that were gotten in the Payakumbuh City, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Inside was gotten the stalagmite stone and stalactite that was formed from the process of lime sediment that took place hundreds of years. The two stone kinds had carved was varied the form kind, with amazing ornaments, like: bedroom space, the seat, the mosquito etc.

Getting There
Ngalau Indah Cave tourist attraction could be covered by using the land transport. From Padang City to Payakumbuh, the trip was followed around 3 hours by using the personal vehicle or the public’s transport.

Getting Around

Whereas scenery around Ngalau also was not inferior interesting. Before entering Ngalau or to be precise in front of the entrance of the tourists was welcomed by one carved from the stone that resembled the elephant. Entered Ngalau, the tourists will receive the performance various carved stone that was carved in Ngalau. The varied of the form and carved rock was given name in accordance with the form of the stone, like: the seat, the mosquito net, and the bedroom.

To Do
he visitors who felt tired or more for a long time wanted to enjoy Ngalau beauty could stop for a moment and sat relaxed on these stones. On the other side of Ngalau, was gotten the Tira Stone that was white that if being affected by the focus of the light, could reflect the light that was so beautiful.

From above the hills of around Ngalau, the tourists could see the Payakumbuh City panorama that was spread out in front of the eyes. The blend of the order of the urban building, green trees and the so wide paddy-field carpet were one unity from beauty of the Payakumbuh City.

So that tourist could enjoy Ngalau scenery with freer, the local government developed several supporting means, like: information light, the connecting road and the step. The admission ticket as big as revolved between Rp. 3,000 until Rp. 5.000 per the person.

In Payakumbuh City were available several hotels that were comfortable enough to spend the night, from the hotel that had stars to the hotel of the jasmine class (not too expensive).

To Eat
Even so with the place ate, in this city also often was gotten the stall ate that served was varied the Padang Cooking menu.

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