Puncak Lawang Paragliding

Located in Agam regency, at an altitude of 1210 m above sea level (dpl), Puncak Lawang is often used as a sports paragliding championship to be held internationally. According to fans of paragliding, Puncak Lawang is the best location in Southeast Asia for the sport. This place is one of the tourism objects visited by many tourists, both domestic (local) and foreign.

Getting There
Located in Agam regency, West Sumatera about 80km from the city of Padang and is a adequate 2.5 hours adventure by car. To reach Puncak Lawang area, there are 2 alternative routes (from the west and from the east). From the west , the journey starts from the city of Padang Pariaman through the Lubuk Kerucut (the capital of Kabupaten Agam), passing through Lake Maninjau and we will pass the way with 44 turns. That’s why this is called kelok ampek puluh ampek (kelok 44).

To Do

Paragliding start location is in about 1210 m above sea level (dpl) or right on the hill that encircle Lake Maninjau make this place challenging the gliding sports. With the altitude, the pilot can flights longer while enjoying the beautiful panorama of Lake Maninjau. Beautiful natural fusion scenery between the green mountains that encircle the lake extends to the broad sheen of water that turn, extend the carpet of rice field area, and composed of people who regularly into my charm to be missed. Even as his admiration, the first President Sukarno had also been made a poem about the beauty of the panorama of Lake Maninjau it.

In addition, the effect of heating the water of Lake Maninjau, give effect to the position of the glider pilot, that is able to bring the pilot to fly higher than the take off location.

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