The Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes are two lakes (“Danau Dibawah” & “Danau Diateh”) which are adjacent to each other in areas that were located on the edge of Highway Padang – Muara Labuh exactly in the Alahan Panjang. The distance between “Danau Dibawah” & “Danau Diateh”, only about 300 meters. Twin Lakes has a depth of 44 meters.
Danau Diatas, located in the Lembah Gumanti district in the highlands of Alahan Panjang. Located about 25 km east of the capital city of Solok Regency (kayu Aro) towards Muara Labuh (Sungai Pagu). Lake with 17.19 ha, is surrounded by agricultural land such as horticulture, vegetables, fruits such as passion fruit and persimmons.

Danau Dibawah has an area of approximately 16.83 ha and located at less than 1 km south of Danau Dibawah, that is why the lakes are known as Twin Lakes. Both lakes can be seen simultaneously from the top of the hill that is located between them. In the top of this hill, tourist facilities have been built by the Government of Solok to makes tourist more comfortable in enjoying the beauty of the Twin Lakes with cold air. The peoples around the lake most of the farmers. Generally they grow horticultural crops as the main livelihood.

Getting There
To reach the Twin Lakes is very easy. From the Padang city, tourists can take a public transportation such as intercity bus, this lake can be reached within a half hour. Distance between Padang city and Twin Lakes about 60 kilometers. Highway to the lake is smooth and tourists can enjoy the rural scenery and the beautiful tea plantations along the way.

To Do

Twin Lakes is an impressive recreation with beautiful scenery and beautiful rural atmosphere. Plateau and the hills surrounding hills are ideal for sports fans hiking, camping and also as a family recreation.

In addition, the tourists can see Mount Talang, which is still active. Stored in the beauty of the Twin Lakes Solok and other kinds of enchantment, making this region was never devoid of tourists.

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M.Jihad Hizbullah (Jihad) and Ngakan Nyoman Maesa Yuda

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