Make Your Trips More Enjoyable !

West Sumatra is very Islamic community, so when you come to this city, here are some things you can consider to make your trip more enjoyable:

1. Don’t doing consume alcohol beverages in public places
If you ambition to consume alcohol beverages, you have to go to the bar or hotel. If you doing that in public places, local peoples will stay away from you, or maybe they away you go.

2. Don’t wear bikinis
If you bathe or swim in a public place, you should not wear bikinis. Use a bathing suit that covers your thighs and anatomy perfectly. Or you can try the traditional way, namely by using clothing or traditional cloth.

3. Never hesitate to bargain
On average, the peoples of West Sumatera are humans who like to trade and bargain. Just be sure you can speak Bahasa or at least you can understand it and never hesitate to bargain.

4. Show a friendly attitude
Minang society is people who are warm and friendly. They will love to help you when you need help. Show a friendly attitude, and be polite, then they will respect you more.

5. Never hesitate to ask for help
If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the police. Of course, this is the most secure way you have.

6. Accept a road map of west Sumatra
It would be better if you don’t forget to have your own Padang/ West Sumatra travel map.

7. Accept a Minangkabau languange dictionary
There is aswell a acceptable if you have a local language dictionary. Community will be pleased to see you learn their language.

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