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Make Your Trips More Enjoyable !

West Sumatra is very Islamic community, so when you come to this city, here are some things you can consider to make your trip more enjoyable: 1. Don’t doing consume alcohol beverages in public places If you ambition to consume alcohol beverages, you have to go to the bar or hotel. If you doing that […]


Minangkabau Village

Minangkabau Village is the tourism destination most wanted in Padang Panjang, West Sumatra-Indonesia. That is the place for Information And Documentation Center about Minangkabau Cultural. In this place visitor can enrich for knowledge about the historical of Minangkabau. Getting There Minangkabau Village is located at Silaiang Bawah, about 3 KM from Padang Panjang downtown, and […]


Minangkabau Culture

Minangkabau Peoples The people of Minangkabau is the Malay who reside current West Sumatra Province with the capital city of Padang. Historical researches revealed that the first kingdom on the country was located around 60 kms away from Bukit Tinggi city, a place called Pagaruyung. Here was found stone inscription in old Malay language and […]