Minangkabau Village

Minangkabau Village is the tourism destination most wanted in Padang Panjang, West Sumatra-Indonesia. That is the place for Information And Documentation Center about Minangkabau Cultural. In this place visitor can enrich for knowledge about the historical of Minangkabau.

Getting There
Minangkabau Village is located at Silaiang Bawah, about 3 KM from Padang Panjang downtown, and 65 KM from Padang city or about 1.5 hours. We can use personal or public transportation to get to this place.

To Do
Besides that, Padang Panjang with the topography almost hill, green nature landscape view, and the weather so cool and fresh it is good for sightseeing tourism. Padang Panjang also offers friendly, and islamic peoples culture. At Minangkabau Village there is a  water-boom with natural spring, great place to swim. It is good location for family/ friends gathering for picnic and for cultural research.

Tourism facilities are available in Minangkabau Village, such as; hotels/ motels, restaurant, and shopping center.

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Ngakan Nyoman Maesa Yuda

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